Language Flag Symbol

This chapter shows you how to adjust the language flag symbols in the WebOffice core client. The WebOffice core client provides for the supported languages different symbols, that can be customized at any time.


Embedding your own symbols for language flags

The image size of your own symbols should be 16 x 16 px and the image has to be stored in a path accessible by the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application (e.g. C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice Applikation>\pub\images\).



Symbol with size 16 x 16 px


The adaptions of the symbols have to be done in the file weboffice_user.css in (C:\Tomcat\webapps\WebOffice\pub\client_core\styles\). The class .iconlanguage_<language codes of ISO-639-1>_sm has to be chosen respective to the language. The tags for the languages are based on the ISO norm 639-1 (e.g. de = german, en = english, ...).


.iconlanguage_de_sm {  background:url(../../images/<name_of_image.file_extension>); }

CSS definition for embedding a user defined symbol for the language de



Please check the path of the user defined image in the CSS definition in \pub\images in your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application.

The customizable CSS file is saved as _weboffice_user.css. Remove the _ at the beginning the first time you are using it.

Please consider to adjust the CSS definitions only in the weboffice_user.css.


Replaced flag symbol of the language de in the WebOffice core client

Replaced flag symbol of the language de in the WebOffice core client


It is also possible to use already prepared flag symbols for the languages German, English and Arabic. You can activate those symbols by using the following CSS definitions in weboffice_user.css.


Prepared symbols

CSS definition


.iconlanguage_de_sm {  background-position: -224px -16px;}


.iconlanguage_de_sm {  background-position: -112px 0px;}


.iconlanguage_en_sm {  background-position: -240px -16px;}


.iconlanguage_ar_sm {  background-position: -384px -16px;}


.iconlanguage_ar_sm {  background-position: -400px -16px;}

Prepared symbols inlcusive CSS definitions in WebOffice core client



You will find the language resources for the WebOffice core client in Internationalization.