Calling GeoOffice Dokumentenverwaltung

To call GeoOffice dokumentenverwaltung from WebOffice, an integration has to be configured on the corresponding search layer.


For this purpose, the node "Integration of external applications" has to be added on the level of the corresponding search result view as sub-node, and here again the node "Integration (Call FROM WebOffice)", where the option "Key set - separated parameters" has to be selected.




In any case, an "Application name" must be defined for the created application.


Furthermore, the "Base URL" of the Dokumentenverwaltung application must be configured. If only the keys are to be provided, the following base URL must be configured:




If the source is also to be explicitly specified, the base URL must look like this:


roo://vertigis.url.client?targetName=DocumentManager&operationName=Source%20and%20Keys&Source=<Source name>


At "Use", the desired query type (Single Hit, Multiple Hit, or Single and Multiple Hit) must be selected.




Finally, at "Key" the key field is to be defined by which the features in the feature class are linked to the entries in the Dokumentenverwaltung.

"Key" is to be entered as the "HTTP parameter name".