The Redlining Type - Polygon function can be used to draw any surface in the map.


Depending on whether markup styles are configured for the %BUILD% project, either the respective markup styles are available or the style dialog.


For more information on configuring drawing styles, see the Markup Style chapter.


In the style dialog, settings in the display can be customized for the following areas:

Stroke Color

Clicking on the color opens a color selection window.

Line Width

The line width can be changed with the slider.

Fill Color

Click on the color to open a color selection window.


The transparency of the fill color can be changed with the slider.


Additionally, a snap profile can be displayed in the map. To do this, activate the check mark at Toggle Snap Display.


More information about creating and using snap profiles can be found in the chapter Snap Profile for Digitizing/Measuring.


Place the support points of the area in the map by clicking the left mouse button (desktop browser) or using a finger gesture (touch-enabled mobile device). Double-click or confirm the check mark to complete the process.


Draw a polygon over snapping with custom rendering in the WebOffice flex client.

Draw a polygon over snapping with custom rendering in the WebOffice flex client.



If you click Send Email, then your email program will be opened and you can send by email a link with a corresponding status ID, in which then all created drawing objects, which were created during the browser session, are contained.

By clicking Clear, all circles set in the browser session will be deleted again.

All graphics and objects drawn in a browser session can be completely deleted using the Delete selection/markup tool.