Disable Protected Mode

When using the flex client in Mozilla Firefox browsers with a Adobe Flash version 11.3 or later, the flash plug-in runs in a sandbox environment. This can lead to a time delay when using the mouse cursor over the map (i.e. pan or MapTip functionality).

To disable the browsers protection mode and use the full flash capabilities, users should proceed with the following steps:

Open Windows explorer

Navigate to c:\windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash

Open mms.cfg

Add or edit line: ProtectedMode=0


Disable Protected Mode of Mozilla Firefox Flash Plug-In

Disable Protected Mode of Mozilla Firefox Flash Plug-In


For Details see also http://blogs.adobe.com/security/2012/06/inside-flash-player-protected-mode-for-firefox.html.


Note: You need administrative rights to edit this file. Therefore please contact your system administrator.


Note: The notification message Disable protected mode in Firefox when working with map is too slow! stays visible during the project start although the protection mode is disabled.