Measure Concentric Circles

After you have configured the Measure Concentric Circles tool in WebOffice author, you can use the tool. Open the tool and click in the map image on the location around which you want to draw the center of the concentric circle and to define the radius.




Double-click to end the measurement process.




Additional settings can be made to support this, including color settings (line and font color), line thickness, fill color of the circle and its degree of transparency, font and font style. The radius of a surrounding circle can also be changed retrospectively after a measurement process has already been completed. There are also options for crosshairs, the number of inner circles and snap layers.




Note: See chapter Measure Concentric Circles for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author.

Note: See chapter WebOffice URL Call Interface for the possibility to execute concentric circles as an action via URL parameters.