Cleanup of WebOffice Statistics

If the file size of the WebOffice statistics files grows strongly, this can usually be attributed to a large extent to SESSION_TIMEOUT entries of the subindex manager. These can be cleaned up automatically with a provided Python script, which can be obtained here:



To run the Python script, Python must be installed on the device. This is done automatically by installing ArcGIS Desktop. The default path for the installation is e.g C:/Python27/ArcGISx6410.4 (or with appropriately adjusted version numbers). If Python is not installed on the device, it can be downloaded at can be downloaded.


To simplify the execution of Python scripts from the command prompt, it is recommended to specify the Python path in the environment variable Path environment variable. To do this in the Windows search System enter, click on Advanced System Settings click here Environment variables select the variable Path variable and select it with New to add the Python path. Subsequently, in the Command prompt by entering the keyword python and the script path to be executed and any parameters, each separated by spaces, to execute the respective script.



Environment variable Path customize


The script deletes all corresponding lines (with SESSION_TIMEOUT as REQUEST attribute and Subindex manager as SESSION ID attribute) from all WebOffice statistics files stored as CSV files in the directories \<WebOffice>\WEB-INF\work and \<WebOffice>\WEB-INF\work\statistics are stored.


The script takes the path to the WebOffice application as string parameter without quotes.


Call of via command prompt with the path to the WebOffice application as parameter



Result log of