Multi Layer Buffer Select Tool in Service API

The Multi Layer Buffer Select Tool makes it possible to make a selection query over several source layers with any buffer size on a target layer.

You can select point, line or polygon objects.

The objects found by the buffering are sorted by distance in the response, so that the object closest to the target layer is specified first.


The following parameters must be included:


Input parameter



As action action=feature_mwm must be specified


Input geometry that serves as the starting point for the selection.


Format is geometry=X1 Y1;X2 Y2;X3 Y3;...

Decimal separator is a dot.


Target query result for buffering


The values in this column are returned in the response for each object found.


The selected field must exist in both the source and target layers and must contain a unique value (for example, the STRINGGUID).

Source layers that have not configured the return key as a result field in a query result are not taken into account for the selection.


Geometric types that are to be included in the multilayer selection, separated by semicolons..

e.g. multilayer_select_buffer_layerlist=line;point;polygon


The buffer distance in meters


If no buffer distance is specified, the geometry of the selected feature is used as buffer geometry for the target layer, i.e. buffer distance = 0.

Beschreibung der Parameter



Example for a call of the Multi Layer Buffer Select Tool: