In the tab Certificates you can find information about the certificate store used by the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application and the possibility to import new SSL certificates into the certificate store or delete existing SSL certificates.


WebOffice 10.9 SP1 uses its own certificate store cacerts_weboffice on top of the Java certificate store cacerts in order to maintain imported certificates also after an update of Java. The display shows both the paths to the certificate stores in use and the list of certificate authorities officially trusted by Java.


"Certificates" tab in SynAdmin

"Certificates" tab in SynAdmin


For each certificate you can find various information:




Marks an officially trusted certificate authority


If this sign is displayed in the certificate column, the certificate is located in the official certificate store of the currently used Java version by default.


Marks a self-signed certificate


Marks an expired certificate


Display further information for a selected certificate by clicking the button Show certificate details.

Certificate Name

Name of the certificate in the certificate store


The icon shows that the certificate is located in the Java certificate store (the button "Remove" will delete the certificate from BOTH certificate stores)


The icon shows that the certificate is located in the WebOffice certificate store (the button "Remove" will delete the certificate ONLY from the WebOffice certificate store)


Button to copy the certificate from the Java certificate store into the WebOffice certificate store

SynAdmin - Certificate store


In the bottom part of the administration site you can check a certificate for a specific http domain using the Show certificate details button, and on the result page set the certificate as trusted.




Please note that when using LDAPS it is necessary to specify the Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the LDAPS server and not only the domain in the JAVA or WebOffice certificate store.


Only if a certificate is located in the WebOffice certificate store, it can be assured that after a Java update (new Java certificate store) the certificate stays trusted, as the WebOffice certificate store is the leading certificate store.


A quick guide for the import of a certificate via SynAdmin can be found in the chapter Import SSL Certificates via SynAdmin.

Find further information for managing certificates in chapter Import SSL/TLS Certificates.