Cleanup of WebOffice Statistics

If the file size of the WebOffice statistics files is significantly increasing, this may be essentially reduced to SESSION_TIMEOUT entries of the sub index manager. These rows can be deleted automatically by using a provided python script, which can be obtained via:



To run the script, Python has to be installed on your machine. This happens automatically when ArcGIS Desktop is installed. The default path for the installation is e.g. C:/Python27/ArcGISx6410.4 (using the specific version numbers). If Python is not installed on your machine, it can be downloaded via



To simplify the execution of the Python script via command prompt, it is recommendable to embed the Python path at the environment variable Path. Therefore, type System into the windows search, click Advanced Settings, then click Environment variables, select the variable Path and add the Python-Path using the button New. Afterwards, any Python script can be executed from the command prompt by typing the keyword python, the path to the Python script and possibly parameters, each separated by spaces.



Adaption of environment variable path


The script clears all the mentioned rows (with SESSION_TIMEOUT as REQUEST attribute and Subindex Manager as SESSION ID attribute) from all WebOffice statistics files, which are stored in the directories \<WebOffice Application>\WEB-INF\work and \<WebOffice Application>\WEB-INF\work\statistics as .csv-files.


The script takes the path to the WebOffice application as string argument without quotes.



Call of via command-line interface  taking the path to the WebOffice application as argument


statisticscleanup_result result log